Book Week

Book week is also an annual event held at the library with the primary school students. First a theme is made by the children of the primary school. And the high school students makes a design to suite the theme.The best one of each is chosen and printed on the t-shirt. Along with the sponsors name and the year.

For Book Week we look for several sponsors and it works out very well (see Partners list).  Activities are organized with events such as story time for the younger children with fun activities.
Authors from St. Maarten are invited to come attend the activities and tell about their books they have written. The library has had several artists over the years attend Book Week from St.Maarten. The activities that are organized for the kids are educational.

Each year during Book Week there is a Walk-a-thon against illiteracy. The kids gets a snack and a drink afterwards.

The library offers  Homework support every afternoon.

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