Library History

Queen Wilhelmina library was founded in 1923. The library was named after the late queen Wilhelmina in 1923, when she celebrated her Silver Jubilee. The library was named after her for the occasion.

Interest in the library was so great that in 1932 a branch was opened in Windwardside. The two libraries were one organization subsidized by the government to present date. They were operated by volunteers for many years. A building was needed and the old administration building was refurbished and made available for the library. On January 17, 1986 it was officially opened. The library was moved to the old Administration building next to the hospital.

Two staff members were hired and trained under the guidance of the Philipsburg Jubilee Library of St. Maarten.

Over the years the staff was trained and the library was upgraded.

Since 10-10-10 QWL was given funding from OCW Holland for upgrading of all materials and training of staff. From 2014 -2015 the library has undergone a transition from a catalogue box to being computerized. The library has moved two times. Its present location is at “The Carmen Simmons Culture Complex”.

All members have digital membership cards and the library has a face book page where the latest books, magazines and present activities are advertised.

In 2013-2014 the branch library in Windwardside was closed for holding materials from the main library. It has since then been taken over by Government due to being refurbished and used for the Archeology Center.
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